Isolation Gown PP Non-Woven (Disposable)
Isolation Gown PP Non-Woven (Disposable)
Isolation Gown PP Non-Woven (Disposable)
Isolation Gown PP Non-Woven (Disposable)
Isolation Gown PP Non-Woven (Disposable)


Isolation Gown PP Non-Woven (Disposable)

Production Description:
In today's rapidly evolving world, safety and protection are paramount. Our Disposable Non-Woven Isolation Gown is your trusted companion in ensuring the highest level of safety and hygiene. Crafted with precision and designed for comfort, this isolation gown is a must-have for various healthcare, laboratory, and industrial settings.

• Name:  Isolation Gown
• Material: PP Non Woven
• Style: Neckline, neck with ties, waist with ties and knitted cuffs.
• Weight: 30gsm
• Color: Blue
• Packaging: 10pcs/pkt
• Packaging Carton: 10pkt/ctn
• Store: Store in dry, humidity below 80%, ventilated store, non-corrosive gases warehouse.

• Prevent and isolate dust, particle.
• can be used as a visit coat.
• Prevent the cross infection in medical treatment at sanitation field.
• Light weight, economic, eco-friendly, effective protection.
• Application: Hospital, Dental, Industrial and etc.
• Certificate: CE, ISO13485

Key Features:

  1. Premium Quality Material: Our isolation gown is made from high-quality non-woven fabric that provides excellent barrier protection against fluids, contaminants, and infectious agents. The non-woven material is both breathable and durable, ensuring comfort during prolonged use.

  2. Full-Body Coverage: With generous sizing and long sleeves, this gown offers full-body coverage to protect you from head to toe. The elastic cuffs ensure a secure fit around your wrists, while the gown's tie-back design allows for quick and easy removal.

  3. Splash and Fluid Resistance: Engineered to provide superior protection, our isolation gown effectively repels fluids, splashes, and particulates. Whether you're working in a healthcare facility, laboratory, or an industrial environment, you can trust that you're shielded from potential hazards.

  4. Comfortable and Breathable: We understand that comfort is crucial, especially during extended wear. Our isolation gown's lightweight and breathable material keeps you cool and comfortable, even during long shifts.

  5. Easy to Dispose: Designed for convenience, our isolation gown is meant for one-time use. After use, simply discard it safely, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

  6. Universal Fit: The gown features a universal fit design that accommodates a wide range of body types, ensuring that you and your team can work comfortably and safely.

  7. Versatile Applications: Whether you're a healthcare professional, a laboratory technician, or working in an industrial setting, our Disposable Non-Woven Isolation Gown is the ideal protective solution for various applications.

Invest in your safety and the safety of those around you with our Disposable Non-Woven Isolation Gown. Trust in its high-quality construction, reliable protection, and comfortable design to keep you shielded while you focus on what you do best. Your safety is our priority!

Order your Disposable Non-Woven Isolation Gown today and experience peace of mind in every wear. Stay safe, stay protected, and stay comfortable with our premium isolation gown – because safety is never disposable!


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